Banty Rooster 4 stars author: O Susanna Solid fingerstyle guitar over a wide gamut of songs, from the rockin' Bootlegger's Blues, That's Alright to Ginseng Blues (some sweet soft yodeling there). I especially enjoy the energy of Guitar Swing and the raggy and vulnerable vocals on Loan Me Your Heart. Through the Gates, Capricho Arabe and his special version of Elzic's are a lush change of pace that highlights both his Piedmont style and classical backgrounds. Throughly entertaining from beginning to end.” - Susan Rosen

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Thanks, Bill! Elzic's, in particular, is right where I want to live. Gotta get "Wild Rose" out to the public next.” - Melanie Climis

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BTW, I enjoyed your CD: Very nicely done on all fronts! See you down the road.” - Rolly Brown