Performance Repertoire

Below is a list of songs, dance tunes, instrumental arrangements and original songs regularly performed at my shows. Blues One Dime Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson Four Until Late - Robert Johnson That’s Alright - Arthur Crudup Walkin' My Troubles Away - Blind Boy Fuller Police Dog Blues - Blind Blake Weary Lonesome Blues - Harvey, Copeland Chonguita Blues - Bill Adams Bootleggers Blues - Mississippi Shieks Hesitation Blues Stealing Stealing - Memphis Jug Band Key To The Highway Stop & Listen - Mississippi Shieks Write me a few lines - Fred McDowell One Way Gal - Willie Moore Blues In The Bottle - Albert Hunt How Long - Frank Stokes Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotton Loan Me Your Heart - Papa Charlie Jackson Rose of San Antone - Bob Wills Guitar Rag - Sylvester Weaver Old Time Milwaukee Blues - C. Poole Sail Away Ladies - Dave Macon Ginseng Blues - Kentucky Ramblers Carve That Possum - Dave Macon Rock About Saro Jane - Dave Macon Original songs Chonguita Blues Cassandra's Song - sung to the arrangement of Wild Rose of the Mountain Guitar Arrangements - Fiddle Tunes, Rags, Crooked Tunes Minneola Rag Elzic's Farewell - traditional, arranged for guitar by Bill Adams Brownskin Girl Down The Lane - Eck Robertson Through The Gates - Russ Barenberg Carroll County Blues - Willie Narmour Wild Rose of the Mountain - J. P. Fraley, performed in the piedmont guitar style of Blind Blake, 2nd prize winner at the 2009 Charlie Poole Festival Contra Dance Tunes Nail That Catfish Spotted Pony Walking In The Parlor Snowdrop Whiskey BeforeBreakfast Through The Gates Waltzes Dew Drop Flatworld Josephine's Waltz Ashokan Farewell Classical Maria Capricho Arabe Rerquerdos de l'Hambra

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